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9 Advantages of Partnering With nurseIO to Fill Staffing Gaps

As more organizations and companies are recognizing the advantages of partnering with healthcare technology platforms like nurseIO, they’re saying goodbye to traditional methods.

The need for competent and dependable healthcare workers is at an all time high.

Is your healthcare facility working around the clock to cover open shifts? Are you continuously asking current employees to pick up extra shifts? Odds are that you’re searching for new candidates and shuffling through the hiring process to fill positions you only need covered on a temporary basis.

That’s why healthcare facilities are starting to hand over this process, along with payroll costs and tedious responsibilities, to platforms like nurseIO.

Facilities are able to reach greater success because you can meet demands, focus on other aspects of your business, keep your full-time staff happy, and provide quality patient care.

Top Benefits of Partnering With nurseIO to Fill Staffing Gaps

1. Solution to Short Staffing Issues on a Daily Basis

Does your healthcare facility struggle when you can’t fill open shifts? It’s inevitable that your employees will call out sick, use vacation time, and occasional “no-shows” will occur. There will also be days when patient numbers increase and your current employees are unavailable.

These situations are common and stressful, but they’re often uncontrollable. Having a guaranteed plan to solve this problem is crucial.

By partnering with nurseIO, you can fill shifts in real-time and sometimes even within minutes. nurseIO offers 24/7 support and sends updates in a timely manner, which instills confidence that your facility’s staffing gaps are being taken care of.

2. Top-Notch Healthcare Professionals

No doubt you want your facility staffed with qualified and dependable healthcare professionals.

The primary goal and concern for a healthcare technology platform like nurseIO is to have a network of competent and skilled healthcare workers. When you transfer the task of finding a network of healthcare professionals to specialists, you’re provided the perfect professionals for your open shifts when needed. 

Platforms like nurseIO already have established a network of healthcare professionals specializing in the fields your facility is in need of. The nurseIO platform can instantly connect and notify your open shifts to the best workers available to fill your need.

3. Minimizes Burnout

Overworked staff ultimately leads to burnout. This not only affects healthcare workers on the floor, but department leads and administrative staff. 

Supplementing your full-time staff with independent contractors from nurseIO’s network, who are readily available, reduces emotional and physical burnout among your team. This helps your facility as a whole because your full-time staff have the ability to rejuvenate between shifts rather than be overworked from picking up overtime.

4. Flexibility

The healthcare field is always changing, and with a healthcare technology platform like nurseIO, you’ll be able to adjust your workforce as needed. With nurseIO, you can easily increase your workers during times of critical need and reduce your amount of workers when appropriate. 

One of the biggest perks is that per diem support allows you to fill a temporary shift on an as needed basis without having to hire additional full time staff.

5. Quality Care for Patients 

Patients receive the best care when facilities have enough staff on duty. On the other hand, patients suffer when there’s a shortage of staff. When this happens, a decrease in satisfaction occurs among patients.

Partnering with a healthcare technology platform like nurseIO creates a positive domino effect. For example, when facilities are able to meet the nurse-to-patient ratio, nurse burnout reduces. Additionally, staff have greater focus and energy when there are continually enough workers. This results in a better patient experience. 

It’s a win-win for the healthcare workers, the facility, and the patients.

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6. Save Valuable Time

It’s time consuming to complete the necessary steps required to fill a position. You have to review resumes, set up and complete a multi-step interview process, and take care of additional screening procedures.

With nurseIO, you can flex your workforce on an as needed basis with per diem support, and therefore reduce your total turnover time by offloading those responsibilities to nurseIO.

You can now give attention to the other operational aspects of running and growing your facility.  

7. Cost-Effective

When you partner with nurseIO to fill your staffing gaps, you save money in the long run. It’s economical to put your budget towards utilizing nurseIO’s platform because you’re not required to provide benefits packages, retirement plan contributions, or paid time off.

You’ll save by eliminating the additional overtime costs and stress that comes with searching for additional per diem support. Rather than spend on internal processes like training, you’re able to rely on simple and straightforward pricing from partnering with nurseIO.

When you have the right plan and model, your profits increase as a result too.

A huge burden healthcare facilities face is staying up to date with laws and regulations because they’re continually changing.

By partnering with nurseIO, you’ll remain state compliant because nurseIO’s platform keeps up with the necessary regulations.

With nurseIO, you’ll have immediate access to credentials and state required documents as well as customized reporting. It brings peace of mind knowing your facility is following the necessary legal guidelines. 

9. Boosts Company Productivity and Morale 

Appropriate staffing overall aids in your facility’s employee retention. The workload feels shared when enough healthcare workers are available. It also creates a positive environment which leads to better productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

When workers feel both appreciated and heard, there’s less negativity in the workplace and fewer unplanned absences from your facility’s team.

Satisfaction results in more motivation to represent your facility and to perform best. 

Experience these Advantages of Partnering with nurseIO to Fill Staffing Gaps!

The marketplace today is competitive and fast-paced. Partner with nurseIO to fill staffing gaps and experience these advantages! 

nurseIO’s digital platform is a fast and easy process. You can verify time sheets, invoices, licenses, other state required documentation, and more. 

Take the first step to meet the growing demands of the healthcare field today by contacting nurseIO. You’ll immediately have a convenient solution for your staffing gaps!

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