Healthcare facilities are continuing to face overwhelming challenges related to staffing shortages, so the need for a flexible staffing plan has never been greater.

What is a flexible staffing plan? It’s a strategy healthcare facilities use that involves bringing in per diem support to fill their staffing gaps. 

As a partner with the Nurseio platform, your healthcare facility can skip the stress of staffing challenges! Nurseio is an app based technology platform that connects healthcare facilities to local qualified professionals for per diem support. 

Have a flexible staffing plan in your back pocket for today, tomorrow, or sometime in the future. Easily flex your workforce when YOU need it most!

Take a look at the top 5 reasons a flexible staffing plan is a must for healthcare facilities.

5 Reasons a Flexible Staffing Plan Is a Must for Healthcare Facilities

  1. Easily Adjust to Fluctuations in Patient Census

The healthcare field is always changing, and often unpredictable. There are periods where patient admissions fluctuate rapidly.

With a healthcare technology platform like Nurseio, your facility can adjust your workforce as needed. Increase your staff by using per diem support during times of critical need and reduce your amount of workers when appropriate. 

  1. Be Prepared for Last-Minute Call-Outs or Short-Term Leaves

The inevitability of short staffing affects healthcare facilities all the time. Last minute call-outs, no-shows, an RN gets a flat tire, a CNA is suddenly out sick for a few days, or an LPN goes on short-term leave when you need them most.

Your healthcare facility needs to be able to flex your workforce at any time, any day! Pull out the Nurseio platform when needed and post your open shift weeks in advance, or even just minutes before for per diem support.

  1. Prevent Burnout in Full-Time Staff

You don’t want to rely solely on your full-time staff when filling in gaps! That requires overtime, and they will burn out fast! If your staff is burned out, the quality of patient care drops and your turnover rate begins to rise… you know the cycle.

Keep your facility’s staff from being overworked. Instead, utilize per diem healthcare professionals that are energized and equipped to fill all your needs.

  1. Additional Full-Time Hires Are Not Always Needed

One of the biggest perks of having a flexible staffing plan is that per diem support allows you to fill a temporary shift on an as needed basis without having to hire additional full-time staff.

Sometimes facilities need one-time per diem shifts covered and other times they need longer short-term assignments taken care of. Either way, it’s often not necessary to meet a temporary surge of patient census or random gaps in staff with new full-time hires.

Save your facility the workload it requires to bring on additional hires. Let per diem support from the Nurseio platform be your solution!

  1. Your Budget Will Thank You

Back-and-forth methods trying to fill shifts yourselves only leave you frustrated. You lose time and spend on extra costs like overtime pay.

How much did your facility pay in overtime last year? How much did you spend on hiring additional full-time staff that per diem support could have solved?

Additional costs hold your facility back! SAVE by posting your shifts to the Nurseio platform. It includes simple and straightforward pricing to use the platform when it’s convenient for your facility.

Overall, facilities thrive when shifts are continually filled because patients are happy and healthcare workers feel supported! Healthcare facilities like yours use the Nurseio platform as part of their flexible staffing plan. Feel relief knowing per diem support is available when needed!

Register your facility today as a partner with the Nurseio platform.