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Behavioral Health
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Find or fill BHT jobs with the NurseIO web- and app-based staffing platform.

Taking the Guesswork out of Behavioral Health Staffing

NurseIO is an innovative platform that connects mental and/or behavioral health centers with skilled, local behavioral health techs in the area. Facilities can quickly post BHT jobs to the NurseIO platform weeks, days, or hours before they need to be filled. From there, local behavioral health technicians can accept shifts that fit their schedules and expertise. BHTs can also use the Nursieo mobile app to clock in and out and get paid instantly via direct deposit at the completion of each shift – it’s that easy!

Flexible Per Diem BHT Shifts

A wide variety of health facilities use NurseIO to fulfill their PRN behavioral health staffing needs, including inpatient and outpatient behavioral health centers dedicated to mental health, substance use disorders, psychiatric care, medical detox, and recovery.

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Behavioral Health Tech Jobs Near You

NurseIO is the best way to find BHT jobs that fit your schedule, no matter how little (or how much) you want to work. With our easy-to-use app and online registration process, you can start scheduling shifts at centers near you. With flexible hours and premium pay, avoid burnout and maintain your preferred work-life balance.


Fill Per Diem Shifts at Your Facility

NurseIO is a better, speedier, and more affordable alternative to the traditional behavioral health staffing agency model. Connect with a network of highly skilled professionals looking to accept per diem mental health tech jobs at your facility, and let us handle HR and payroll. No more short staffing issues, plus no time and money wasted on restrictive, contract-based staffing agencies.

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Find or fill health tech jobs near you with NurseIO, the leading platform for connecting behavioral health technicians and local facilities

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