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NurseIO helps you be your own boss, letting you easily search for per diem healthcare jobs in your area at your convenience.

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Use the NurseIO app to find suitable positions and shifts near you and get paid instantly via direct deposit as soon as your shift is over. Work when you want, where you want, and however much you want, and maximize your experience while prioritizing your work-life balance.

Per Diem Nursing Jobs

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You want options, and NurseIO delivers. Search per diem shifts across a variety of healthcare specialties, and bring your talents to the facilities where you can make the biggest impact.

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Whether you’re looking for one-time PRN shifts or contract-free block booking, the NurseIO app offers access to high-quality, local jobs right from your smartphone. Sign up for short- or long-term assignments based on your needs, and if you find a facility you like, book multiple per diem healthcare jobs at once for a set temporary schedule.

NurseIO is not only a place to find per diem nursing jobs.

Instead, we provide qualified healthcare workers with many options for finding PRN jobs —with shifts for:

How it Works

NurseIO takes the guesswork out of healthcare staffing with a designated app where you can quickly and efficiently connect with facilities looking for local medical personnel. Nurses, nursing assistants, technicians, and other caregivers can find per diem shifts in their area, and save time with a streamlined process.

  • Healthcare facilities post open shifts to the NurseIO app, with lead times that are hours, days, or weeks in advance.
  • Professionals browse the app and sign up for local per diem nursing jobs that meet their desired schedules and requirements.
  • Workers use the NurseIO app to clock in and out of shifts and get paid instantly via direct deposit when a shift is over.

Create the career you want and reap the benefits of NurseIO’s user-oriented per diem staffing solution

  • Gain freedom and flexibility as an independent contractor without being tied to an employer. No minimum or maximum hours required.
  • Earn more money working flexible shifts and stay in charge of your income with instant, same-day pay.
  • Whether you’re looking to pick up extra shifts on the side or turn it into your main gig, you call the shots!
  • Never worry about getting vacation requests denied. Don’t want to work nights, weekends, or holidays? Simply don’t schedule yourself.
  • Keep variety in your career by choosing shifts at different facilities nearby, or stick to your local favorites.
  • Prevent burnout and enjoy a better work-life balance with the ability to work at your own pace and prioritize what you value most!
Local Per Diem Nursing Jobs

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All sorts of healthcare facilities post per diem healthcare jobs on the NurseIO app. Get the freedom to design your schedule exactly how you want it, and choose the specialties that best align with your skillset and personal preferences.

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NurseIO is the leading resource for flexible nursing jobs and healthcare shifts. Search by role, from nursing jobs to caregiver, behavioral health, and post-acute care positions. Find shifts that meet your expertise conveniently located right where you live.

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