Find or Fill Per Diem
CNA Shifts

Easily find or fill certified nursing assistant (CNA) jobs with the nurseIO web- and app-based staffing platform. 

Discover a Better Alternative to Hiring a Staffing Agency for CNA Jobs

We’ve designed a smarter way to find and fill temp CNA jobs. nurseIO streamlines the process of matching facilities and local certified nursing assistants with an app-based solution that removes the contracts and complexities of a traditional staffing agency.

Have CNA shifts you need filled? Post days, weeks, or hours ahead of when you need someone, and nurseIO will place your available shifts in front of CNAs with the qualifications needed to fill the role. 

From there, professionals accept shifts and can clock in and out from their shifts using the nurseIO app on their phones, with instant pay via direct deposit after each shift ends. 

Flexible Temp CNA Jobs

nurseIO provides a platform for facility partners to connect with on-demand healthcare professionals looking to fill flexible and convenient per diem CNA roles in nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, post-acute and rehabilitation care, behavioral health care, hospice, and more.

Learn more and get started with nurseIO today! 


Find Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Near You

Achieve a better work-life balance with the nurseIO app. 

Nursieo lists local per diem CNA jobs that align with your preferences, qualifications, and schedule, with instant payments as soon as you clock out of each shift. Work as much – or as little – as you want, and get premium pay without tying yourself down to a single facility. 


Connect with Local Qualified Professionals

Avoid the drawbacks of working with a traditional staffing agency for CNA jobs and take a better, more affordable approach to filling CNA shifts at your facility. 

Through the nurseIO platform, you can connect with a network of experienced CNAs with the skills and availability needed to ensure the highest quality of care. The result? No more staffing shortages and no more money wasted on staffing agency inefficiencies. We’ll even handle payroll and HR on your behalf. 

Download the nurseIO App

CNAs who download the mobile app can take advantage of flexible scheduling right from their phone.

NurseIO app on mobile devices


nurseIO is the leading platform for connecting certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and facilities. Search by state to find or accept temp CNA jobs in your area.