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A Health-Tech Platform to Flex Your Workforce & Fill Staffing Gaps

Nurseio is a free web based platform that directly connects healthcare facilities to local qualified healthcare professionals. Facilities simply post open shifts directly on to Nurseio, while professionals get notified and accept one-time per diem shifts or short-term assignments from their smartphone in real-time!

Tap Into a Local Network of Healthcare Professionals
Without Having to Rely on Traditional Staffing Agencies

Whether your shift is posted hours before or weeks in advance, connect with local professionals directly through the Nurseio platform when YOU need them.

Nurseio eliminates the need to rely on traditional healthcare staffing agencies by removing the middle men and ditching tedious obstacles that get in your way.

We’ve streamlined the process for healthcare professionals and facilities to directly connect through the Nurseio app. 

Here’s How It Works

Healthcare facilities post available shifts into the Nurseio platform. This can be hours before or weeks in advance.
Local qualified workers browse the Nurseio app and directly accept the shifts they want to pick up in real-time.
Professionals clock in and out using the Nurseio app & get paid instantly once the shift is completed. Facilities receive weekly invoices that are simple and straightforward.

What is Nurseio?

Nurseio is an app based technology platform that connects healthcare professionals desiring flexible gig work to open per diem shifts at local facilities. Healthcare facilities post available shifts that need to be filled, while local qualified professionals browse and pick up PRN shifts from the Nurseio app.



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I recently did business with Nurseio and they were absolutely a pleasure to work with. They are professional, caring, and easy going. I would highly recommend them to any contractors and nurses seeking employment. You can’t go wrong with this awesome group of people! -Lori L.

From a provider perspective Nurseio has been great to work with. When we needed them the most they came through with filling our staffing needs. -Troy T.

We have used nurseio for a short time so far but have been so impressed with how quickly they fill our open spots. They respond quickly and have helped us greatly last minute when we are in a bind with staffing. We will continue to use them for staffing for our facility for a long time! -April A.

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