Efficient Rehabilitation
& Post Acute Care Staffing

NurseIO’s all-in-one platform has revolutionized staffing of rehabilitation and post-acute care staffing, simplifying the process for both facilities and healthcare professionals.

The Ultimate Per Diem Staffing Solution

We’ve taken all guesswork out of finding and filling open PRN shifts at post-acute care and rehabilitation centers. 

A dependable and efficient method of locating and occupying PRN shifts, NurseIO is revolutionizing post acute care staffing. We cater to post-acute care facilities and rehabilitation centers, presenting your available shifts to qualified workers in the area. 

Our method circumvents the need for complex agreements, expenses, or the prolonged obligations associated with traditional staffing agencies. 

Flexibility and Convenience Where and When You Need It

At NurseIO, our goal is to help professionals take control of their own careers and attain their desired work-life balance. Additionally, we aim to equip facilities with the necessary tools for maintaining a full staff and successfully navigating any challenges that may arise.


Find Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation Facility Jobs

With the NurseIO app, you have the freedom to choose when, where, and how often you want to work. Easily search for facilities needing physical therapy staff or other roles in post-acute and rehabilitation care. Then, accept the local shifts that meet your qualifications and preferences. Get premium pay, with direct deposits delivered at the end of each shift. 


Fill Short and Long-Term PRN Shifts

Healthcare facilities and professionals across the United States use NurseIO to find and fill post-acute care shifts and/or rehab nurse jobs. Search by state to find opportunities near you.

Our Locations

Facilities and professionals across the country use NurseIO to find and fill jobs for LTC and SNF staff. Search by state to fill or accept local per diem shifts at your convenience.

Why it Works?

Post-acute and rehabilitation care centers are not immune to the staffing problems plaguing the healthcare industry. Moreover, full-time post-acute care nurses and other healthcare professionals often suffer burnout due to worker shortages and demanding schedules. As such, NurseIO has enabled a post acute care staffing solution that works for all parties. 


Per diem shifts are posted directly to the NurseIO platform, where local professionals can find and accept them.


NurseIO is an all-in-one platform for finding and filling post-acute care and rehab hospital jobs. We also handle HR and payments on behalf of our partners.



NurseIO support staff is available for assistance 24/7, ensuring you receive personalized, on-demand support as needed.

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