Features & Updates

NurseIO is undergoing sone major improvements to both our phone systems and our platform. We want to be able to serve you 24/7 to ensure that you are always taken care of.

Upcoming Features

With features such as messaging capabilities, system offered shifts, and more, you are sure to get everything you want (and need) from the NurseIO app!

In-App Messaging

Communicating with your NurseIO clinicians has never been easier! You will no longer have to call us to relay a message to a clinician for you, because you now have the capability to message clinicians directly in the NurseIO app! The best part? The clinician can message you back!

System Offered Shifts

Fill shifts immediately with top-skilled clinicians Our System Offered Shifts feature is a self-learning, algorithm-driven feature that will match the best clinicians to your posted shifts. 

New Facility App View

When you visit the NurseIO app, you will now see an easy-to-navigate screen complete with a one-click add a shift screen, quick “Unfilled” shifts view, and so much more! 



... and so much more!