The NurseIO Toolset

NurseIO has built the most advanced set of TIME and COST savings tools in the On Demand Workforce sector. Ask for a demo today!

100% Pricing Transparency. Cost And Market Control at Your Fingertips.

NurseIO is first to market on 100% PRICING TRANSPARENCY. No other integrative staffing business in the sector is transparent about pricing. NurseIO puts you in 100% control of what you pay for your integrative staffing workforce, AND you’re GUARANTEED the most competitive pricing. PERIOD. Another NurseIO First. Sign Up Today. Save Money Tomorrow.

save costs in on demand healthcare workforce

Book Your Shifts In Seconds, By Sending A Text.

Our Automated AI Assistant will change your life!  No more taking time out of your shift to sit down at a laptop and take 15-20 steps to book shifts.  Now, with our AI Assistant ELLA, booking your shifts is as simple as sending a text message and saying, “Hey Ella, I need two RN’s on Saturday, from 8am to 8pm.” Ella will take care of everything else, and you’re back on the floor, where you want to be.  Easy peasy.

book shifts in seconds with ai
save a shift and build a bench

100% Coverage. Build A Bench Of Top Talent.

Bench by NurseIO is an AI powered, proprietary integrative shift staffing system developed by NurseIO to automatically fill cancelled or short notice shifts posted to our system.  With Bench, NurseIO ensures that shifts are filled swiftly with the most qualified talent available in our inventory. Not only that, but in the process, we are automatically building you a bench that has your back!

Precise Location Geofenced Attendance Control.

Secure Tag is NurseIO’s precise location attendance tool.  With Secure Tag you have the piece of mind that your healthcare professionals are on site, and exactly where you’d like the to be for the entire shift.  Using the most advanced geofencing technology available, NurseIO provides piece of mind that when you get billed, its for hours that were actually worked, and that you’re favorite providers were on site providing the best care to your patients.