NurseIO v 1.6.0 App Release

This release includes a major overhaul of how notifications work, some navigation changes, and a few bug fixes. The major change you’ll notice is with regard to notification messages. Once you update to the latest version, you’ll notice a “badge” (available on iPhone and some Android phones) which indicates you have a new, unread message.

Remember to let us know at [email protected] if you have any issues with the app, and thank you for being a part of the team!

What’s fixed or improved?

The v1.6.0 release of the NurseIO app introduced a few important improvements and fixes:

  • Push Notifications: The NurseIO app now includes “Push” notifcations, and shows you the count (and the notification text itself) without launching the app. This will be in the form of a badge on the desktop, and a notification text window if the phone is locked.

Note that on some Android devices, the badge may look different, but the function is still the same.

  • Toolbar Menu Changes: The toolbar at the bottom of the screen has been modified to distinguish icons for the “My Shifts” and “Available Shifts.” This is simply to aid in navigating the app more efficiently.
    • Along with the badge count on the desktop of the phone, the notification count also shows in the toolbar as below.

  • Notification Time Preference: There is a new screen accessible through the gear icon on the Notifications tab. This screen allows you to configure the days and times that you want the push notifications to alert you when NurseIO sends a message.
    • NOTE: Critical messages will be delivered at any time of day, regardless of notification preferences.
  • Notification Links: Now in notifications, links may be provided for actions. For example, a “VIEW SHIFTS” link will take you to a screen with shifts that have been offered or match your preferences.
    • Also note that unread messages will now sort to the top, and have an outline around the message box. Once read, these will drop to the list in the order in which they were received.