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Top 5 Benefits of Per Diem Nursing

The benefits of per diem nursing are becoming known by more nurses each day. Per diem is a Latin phrase that means, “by the day” or “per day.” A per diem nurse works on an as-needed basis for hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, and more.

Due to the increasing needs in healthcare environments, per diem nursing is in high demand. When healthcare settings have staffing shortages or extra needs that can’t be solved by their traditionally employed staff, per diem nurses assist by jumping in to meet those staffing needs.  

Typically per diem nurses work during times of high admissions and fluctuations in patient census, to cover employees on vacation, call-outs, or to fill general gaps in coverage when a facility is short-staffed.

More and more nurses are making a career move to per diem nursing for the vast array of benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits of per diem nursing that will have you eager and excited to get started today!

Freedom and Flexibility in Scheduling

Instead of being tied to specific hours or required shifts each week that “staff” and “career” nurses must adhere to, per diem nurses can work as much or as little as they want. 

Some nurses use per diem nursing as a side gig to earn extra money, and other nurses turn per diem nursing into their full-time gig. 

There are no employee commitment policies as a per diem nurse, so you can control your schedule as you see fit. You can choose to pick up shifts that align with your availability and preferences based on time, day, workplace, and specialty. 

If you feel like picking up a ton of shifts one week, you can! If you need time off another week, you simply don’t schedule yourself! 

Work-Life Balance

Most nurses that are employed by hospitals and healthcare facilities are subject to the needs of the unit. Sadly, it’s common for these nurses to miss out on important occasions such as birthday parties, time with loved ones, or the ability to be present with their children due to their work schedule.

With per diem nursing, you’re more likely to sustain a positive work-life balance. If you don’t want to work nights, weekends, or holidays, you don’t have to, and there are no penalties for it. Since you’re not employed on a permanent basis, YOU get to choose how you want your work schedule to look on any given day. 

When you’re able to work your per diem schedule around your personal life rather than molding your personal life around your work schedule, your life improves and so does your work satisfaction. 

Per diem nursing is also associated with decreased levels of burnout because you have the ability to work at your own pace with less pressure and stress, and can prioritize other important areas of your life!

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Higher Pay

Per diem nurses are usually compensated at a higher rate than “staff” nurses. Since hospitals or facilities might be looking for last minute coverage, the pay is greater to allow them to fill positions quickly and take care of desperate needs. 

You’re the one assisting hospitals and healthcare facilities and providing them with the necessary skilled nurse for their shift. They’re more than happy to exchange higher pay for meeting their needs!

Per diem nurses are usually paid at a faster rate compared to payment schedules at traditional hospitals or facilities. With the nurseIO platform, at the end of each shift, you’re paid instantly for the hours that you worked. Not having to wait for your hard-earned money is definitely a perk!

Work at Different Facilities in a Variety of Specialties 

Does working at the same hospital on the same floor sound repetitive and stagnant to you? With per diem nursing, you’ll never get bored! You can work at multiple different hospitals, clinics, and facilities in your local area that interest you.

Per diem nursing provides you with opportunities to meet new people, network, and try out different nursing specialties. This is a great way to test out a specialty before committing to a permanent position or furthering your education. 

Some use per diem nursing to discover their passions, or as a way to lead them into a new position. Others love that per diem nursing simply allows them to not feel “stuck” to one facility or unit. This also keeps the excitement of variety!

Gain Valuable Experience and Expand Your Skill Set

When you’re working at different facilities, you’re learning a ton due to getting first-hand experience on how different sites operate. You also have the opportunity to learn alongside other experts, being exposed to more than you would otherwise.

In new settings, you’re pushing yourself harder and challenging yourself more. There’s always something new to learn. It could be about performing procedures, medications, figuring out new equipment, or documentation. 

Constantly learning strengthens and adapts your nursing skills while also preventing complacency. Gaining additional knowledge helps you grow further in your career and become more confident in your abilities as a nurse. 

Per diem nursing is awesome for staying up to date with the ever-changing and evolving medical field!

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