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Is Being a CNA Worth It? 5 Benefits of Becoming a CNA

Is being a CNA worth it? The healthcare field is filled with opportunities and many people choose to become a certified nursing assistant for good reason! 

CNAs provide hands-on assistance in caring for patients. CNAs support medical staff and oversee the wellbeing of patients in providing them with basic care along with daily needs and tasks. 

The most rewarding part about being a certified nursing assistant is that you play an essential role making a difference in people’s lives. 

Interested in whether or not being a CNA is worth it? Read on for the top 5 benefits of becoming a CNA!

Top 5 Benefits of Being a CNA

Job Security

There’s a growing need for CNAs and the high demand offers peace of mind for job stability. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNA employment rate is expected to grow by 8% from 2020-2030.

Affordable and Short Training Programs

Courses and certifications to become a CNA can usually be completed online, and in as little as four to twelve weeks. The convenience of finding a course that suits you along with a financial commitment much lower than other roles is unbeatable!  

Various Options for Work Environments

CNAs have a wide range of working settings to choose from. This includes skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, home healthcare, hospice, assisted living facilities and much more. You can find your ideal setting as a CNA based on your preferences and interests!

Many CNAs also prefer per diem shifts. The nurseIO app is used by CNAs to browse and accept open shifts at local facilities. The nurseIO app has shown to be a preferred choice by CNAs for the freedom and flexibility it offers!

Opens Doors for Career Advancement

Since CNAs are an integral part of the medical team, they have direct knowledge of what each role consists of. This gives CNAs better insight and experience if they choose to further their career path. 

Being a CNA is one of the best roles to use as a stepping stone for positions higher up such as becoming a registered nurse. Already being in the healthcare field, CNAs have networking opportunities to grow!


CNAs have the opportunity to make a difference in patient’s lives. Ensuring the well-being of patients and advocating for them is enriching. Safe and comfortable care leads to a positive impact for patients to experience a better life!

Helping with day-to-day needs means more to patients and families than some realize. You’re not only offering physical support but emotional support as well.

Many times CNAs are the only companion to patients and their families. CNAs often cherish the relationships built with patients while working with them!

Is Being a CNA Worth It? Yes!

CNAs are a valuable part of any team, and the benefits of being a CNA prove why becoming a CNA IS worth it!

With the nurseIO app CNAs can take control of their schedule and gain the freedom and flexibility they deserve! Browse and accept local per diem shifts at facilities and get instant, same-day pay. Sign up today for flexible gig work as a CNA!

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