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3 Reasons Technology Is Key for On-Demand Healthcare Staffing

Hospitals and facilities are continually seeking on-demand healthcare staffing. However, the model of utilizing more traditional agencies has proven to be an incapable solution time and time again. The time-consuming, outdated, and expensive processes of traditional agencies are being replaced with new and efficient technology platforms like nurseIO.

Thanks to innovation and technology, the use of mobile and app based digital platforms eliminates the need to rely on traditional healthcare staffing agencies. nurseIO’s platform directly connects facilities looking to fill open shifts to local healthcare professionals searching for gig-work. 

With the nursing shortage reaching new levels and healthcare workers more often seeking flexible work, facilities need to be able to adjust their workforce accordingly by leveraging technology. Filling open shifts through the use of online platforms for on-demand healthcare staffing has become pivotal. This ensures facilities find full coverage in staff and maintain quality patient care.

Here are the top 3 reasons the healthcare industry is turning to technology for on-demand healthcare staffing.

Why Technology Is Key for On-Demand Healthcare Staffing

1. Healthcare professionals are relying on mobile apps for job opportunities

The majority of healthcare professionals own a smartphone and are turning to mobile apps for different career options everyday. Large numbers of nurses and healthcare workers are starting to desire contract work. They have an eagerness to build their own hours and gain career independence.

What’s the best way to reach these healthcare professionals as a facility? Using the same technology that professionals are relying on everyday.

A digital platform for healthcare staffing, like nurseIO, allows facilities the greatest opportunity to present open and available shifts to a large pool of contract healthcare workers looking for gigs! 

Technology solutions are essential for facilities to keep up with the career direction healthcare workers are taking.

2. Digital platforms are quick and easy-to-use

Today’s on-demand society is fast-paced, where everyone wants access to things at the touch of a button. Technology platforms give a simple and straightforward user experience that facilities can implement immediately.

With nurseIO’s digital platform, posting a shift and connecting with healthcare professionals are fast and effortless. Software and technology can filter and organize necessary resources for facilities to easily reach healthcare professionals. With nurseIO, credentials and state required documents are available, and the platform matches professionals that meet criteria for each shift.

The technology of web and mobile apps like nurseIO eliminates the need for inefficient agency methods. Tedious tasks, paperwork, and back-and-forth phone calls or emails to get staffing gaps filled are no longer necessary!

3. Technology allows for real-time access, updates, and 24/7 support

With digital platforms, facilities don’t need to wait on agencies to find candidates to fill a shift. Filling staffing gaps using online apps ensures that neither facilities or healthcare professionals are missing out on timely opportunities. 

Facilities use digital platforms, like nurseIO, as a tool for themselves to directly connect with healthcare professionals. Therefore, the middlemen of agencies are gone away with because facilities can post a shift to the online platform and professionals can see it on their mobile app in real-time.

When your facility has a middle of the night staffing crisis, you don’t have to scramble to connect with an agency because you can directly turn to the digital platform for help. Local healthcare professionals are available to be reached through the technology platform and pick up a shift immediately. Cloud-based apps allow you to communicate and reach professionals within minutes no matter the time of day. 

nurseIO, A Digital Platform for On-Demand Healthcare Staffing

To sum it up, facilities want shifts filled on-demand and healthcare professionals desire a better, flexible work-life. Mobile and web based apps allow facilities to use technology to efficiently acquire on-demand healthcare staffing without the need for a traditional agency. This way nurses are happy, facilities are staffed, and patients receive quality care!

Tap into a network of healthcare professionals using the nurseIO app to find open per diem shifts at local facilities. Get your facility signed up today!

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