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6 Nurse Retention Strategies to Reduce Turnover

Facilities and hospitals struggle to reduce turnover and uphold nurse retention strategies. High nurse turnover has become a nationwide issue affecting all types of nurses on both a personal level and systemic level.

Nurse retention strategies are extremely important as the turnover rate is only expected to increase amid the current overwhelming nursing shortage. 

Keeping the well-being of nurses, quality of patient care, and organizations thriving are a must to come out on the other side.

Below are six nurse retention strategies to reduce turnover that facilities, hospitals, and organizations can use to make a lasting change.

Nurse Retention Strategies Facilities and Hospitals Can Implement to Reduce Nurse Turnover 

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs are made to help nurses experience greater job satisfaction, reduce burnout, and therefore increase retention. 

A healthcare organization in Indiana implemented a preceptor and mentor program for new graduate nurses and the numbers showed a decrease in turnover rate by 21% within 2 years of starting the program. 

More nurses than ever are seeking support, and mentorship programs prove to be a sustainable way for nurses to achieve that.

Improve Workplace Environment

Improving the workplace environment includes reducing overall weekly and incremental overtime. Nurses are tired of being asked to pick up more hours than humanly possible. 

Respecting and encouraging work-life balance is crucial in preventing burnout and establishing a healthy culture where nurses don’t feel overburdened by their job. 

Provide autonomy to nurses by involving them in policy decisions, workflow processes, and collaborations regarding the state of nursing. This also means creating a safe work environment, free from nurse bullying.

Proper Staffing Levels

Nurse turnover and its associated costs could be reduced by maintaining appropriate staffing numbers. Consistent short-staffed shifts leave nurses feeling unsupported and drained taking on too many responsibilities to properly care for patients.

Maintaining adequate nurse staffing levels fosters an environment that supports nurse and patient safety.

Using the nurseIO web and app based platform to receive additional per diem support is inherent to safe staffing levels and long-term nurse retention. With the nurseIO platform, facilities gain access to a network of healthcare professionals ready to jump in and fill open per diem shifts daily. Your staff nurses will thank you for the extra support!

Nurse Leadership

It’s important that nurses feel there is an open line of communication across all roles, especially between leadership.

Supervisors can help reduce stress and heavy loads by consistently checking in with nurses. A simple, “How can I help you right now?” could do wonders to improve a nurse’s shift.

Often, a lack of leadership can lead to isolation and nowhere for nurses to turn, hence, higher turnover rates. Strong and supportive leadership is vital. Nurses desire positive feedback, reinforcement, and inspiration to keep going.

Huddles, debriefing after each shift, taking time to recognize what nurses are doing everyday, addressing updates, and improving units motivate nurses to stay in positions they feel supported in.

Efficient Technology 

Nurses often feel like they spend more time on paperwork and documentation than assisting their patients. 

There are many technology options available today for facilities and hospitals to integrate for more efficient completion of tasks. 

Find ways that your facility or hospital can improve to streamline specific processes and allow nurses to spend more time doing what they were trained to do, to help patients!

Adapt to Nurses Choosing Flexible Roles

Nurses are tired of being burned out, working long hours, strict schedules, feeling succumbed to mandatory overtime, and working under high nurse-to-patient ratios. 

Flexible gig work for nurses is available through the nurseIO app, where many nurses are making the shift to become their own boss. Working as an independent contractor, the nurseIO app gives nurses the ability to accept shifts at nearby facilities when and where they want.

With an eagerness for career independence, freedom, and work-life balance, hospitals and facilities are having to keep up with the career direction nurses are taking.

The nurseIO platform allows facilities the greatest opportunity to present open and available shifts to a large pool of contract healthcare workers looking for gigs! 

Register your facility to partner with the nurseIO platform today!

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